“This is a seventh request and we hope for the last which comes to ask the commission of instruction of the Court of Revision to annul the convictions of Raymond Mis and Gabriel Thiennot pronounced in 1950”, declared Me Pierre-Emmanuel Blard.

The request comes from the families of the two men, the widow and three children of Gabriel Thiennot, who died in 2003, and the former companion of Raymond Mis, who died in 2009.

Raymond Mis and Gabriel Thiennot had been sentenced in July 1950, at the end of a third trial, to fifteen years of hard labor for the murder of Louis Boistard, a game warden found dead on December 31, 1946 in a pond in Saint-Michel. -en-Brenne (Indre).

Arrested with a group of other hunters, Raymond Mis and Gabriel Thiennot confessed in early 1947 during nine days in police custody, before recanting.

They then never ceased to proclaim their innocence, denouncing serious abuse suffered and confessions signed under torture.

The two men were pardoned in 1954 by the President of the Republic René Coty, but this pardon does not constitute the cancellation of their conviction.

In the long fight to denounce a “miscarriage of justice”, continued to their death by their relatives, six previous requests for revision of their trial were rejected by justice, the last in 2015.

The new request is based on a legislative development which has made it possible since December to obtain the cancellation of minutes “as soon as the confessions were obtained under violence”, recalled Mr. Blard.

“We are asking the investigating committee to cancel all the reports on which Raymond Mis and Gabriel Thiennot made comments under torture”, explained the families’ lawyer.

“Apart from the confessions of Raymond Mis and Gabriel Thiennot, the criminal file is empty,” he said.

Referral to the investigation committee is only a first step. It will first have to rule on the admissibility of the request, before possibly seizing the Court of Revision.

The Mis and Thiennot support committee, which has been very active for decades, will hold a press conference at 2:00 p.m. at the town hall of the 14th arrondissement of Paris.