Mishustin approved the rules of provision of medical care during epidemics

In the Russian Federation approved the rules for medical care when the threat of dangerous diseases. The decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, the press service of the Russian government.

the Algorithm for such assistance was developed during an epidemic of coronavirus infection and proved its effectiveness. The document notes that with the emergence and mass spread of dangerous diseases, medical aid will be based on the number of features, and the adoption of the rules at the government level “will help to respond to emerging threats.”

So, in case of unfavorable epidemiological situation people are treated not only in specialized departments of hospitals, but in pereprofilirovaniju for this purpose hospitals. For the treatment of cases will involve physicians in any discipline and pharmacists who have been trained under short-term programs.

Physicians will be guided by the interim order provide medical care, which includes requirements for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. The order approves the Ministry of health, taking into account specific epidemic situation.

in addition, with the written consent of the patient’s medical certificates can be issued in electronic format. The same scheme is proposed to obtain prescriptions in the process of correction treatment.

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