Mishustin believes that the growth potential of agriculture has not been exhausted

the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin convinced that the growth potential in all areas of Russian agro-industrial complex (AIC) have not been exhausted. He stated this today at a Cabinet meeting.

As he said, “the agricultural sector shows strong results.” “Last year was a good harvest of grain — 7% higher than a year earlier, more than 121 million tons, increased by more than a third of the purchases of agricultural machinery compared with the previous year, more than 0.5 million hectares of land was returned to agriculture after the land reclamation was created more than 5 thousand new entities of small and medium enterprises in agriculture, the share of foodstuffs and agricultural raw materials in 2019 in the commodity structure of export of Russia has increased to 6%,” — said Mishustin, quoted in a press-service of the Cabinet.

In the opinion of the government, “it is only the individual achievements of the agricultural sector, but the potential for growth in all areas of agribusiness is far from exhausted”.

we will Remind, last week Mishustin reported that, “signed the action plan for the implementation of new food security Doctrine”. “The President (Vladimir Putin — ed.) adopted her in late January of this year. We have developed a document that contains a set of solutions for implementation laid down in doctrine tasks,” the PM said.

According to him, “the Russian agricultural industry reliably provides the domestic market with basic foodstuffs”. “This problem in recent years, we decided and, of course, continue to ramp up production. But it is equally important that the products that I buy citizens was of high quality”, — stressed the head of government.

He said that “the plan provides for measures to control the production of food with respect to their compliance with technical Rehlementov of the Eurasian economic Union, as well as a number of other measures to improve food security”. “Including steps to develop the rural areas, the purchase of modern equipment for our farmers, the support of science and the expansion of trade,” he listed Mishustin.

we also Add that the Russian economy in February—March 2020 was under the powerful impact of two negative factors — the rapid spread of the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 and its deleterious effect on the global economy and collapse in oil prices. Against this background, the rouble significantly depreciated against the dollar and the Euro. Reacting to the situation, the government and the Bank of Russia adopted several packages of measures to support the economy and citizens.

may 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the end of may 12, a single period of days off, entered March 30, in the fight against COVID-19. He also announced the beginning of implementation of the third package of anti-crisis measures, under which the state, in particular, will increase targeted support for families with children, small businesses, individual entrepreneurs and self-employed.

2 Jun Mishustin has presented to Putin a national plan for the recovery of the Russian economy in 2020-2021 years, noting in particular that the cost of the plan will amount to about 5 trillion roubles. On 19 June the head of state was sent the updated draft of the plan.

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