Mitrix decided not to stop cooperation with Sobchak after remarks about rape Kostyushkina

Mixit Founder Oleg Pai has not confirmed the termination of cooperation with a leading Ksenia Sobchak.

“At the moment Ksenia is an Ambassador of our company, nothing changed. The contract is valid and ends in September,” — said he was “Antigenic”.

Earlier, as reported “Bill Daily”, the representative of the Mixit in the comments wrote that in the philosophy of the brand “only good deeds and positive emotions, we are unable to divide the ambiguous statement of Ksenia Sobchak, in connection with this we finish our cooperation.”

a Scandal in social networks erupted after the release of the show Sobchak, where she entered the way, in a sarcastic speech mentioned the story of the rape of Stas Kostushkin. Users of condemned lead.

He Kostyushkin also reacted to the passage of a socialite. “I never thought that the topic of pedophilia, which I have raised, will also be raised, but only to laugh xenia_sobchak. In a terrible time we live in,” said the singer in his Instagram.

earlier, he told me that a child has been sexually abused.

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