the American Ambassador in Moscow John Sullivan said that Paul Whelan was sentenced in Russia in spy case “unsubstantiated” and the sentence will worsen relations of States with Russia

“No evidence to prove the guilt Whelan, the court was not presented”, — quotes the diplomat “Interfax”.

According to Sullivan, he was “disappointed and angry” that an innocent man sent to prison for 16 years.

the Ambassador believes that the question of the exchange of an American, the Russians, in particular, bout and Yaroshenko, should not be discussed. Whelan is required “justice and liberation”, not the exchange, said the representative of the US state Department.

In turn, the press Secretary of the Embassy Rebecca Ross noted that a conviction would be “a mockery of the Russian judicial system on justice”.

the Ex-marine, who also holds citizenship in Britain, Ireland and Canada, sent to the colony of strict regime. The Prosecutor thus demanded for Whelan even more severe penalties of 18 years imprisonment.

Before the sentencing, the American has called the process a “political sham”. “We proved my innocence, proved fabrication, the task now is to overcome telephone justice” — quoted Whelan journalists.

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