MOE said about the devastating effects of bad weather in St. Petersburg

In Petersburg the evening of 18 June was hit by heavy rains and hail, accompanied by thunder and strong gusty winds. In the Petersburg management of the Ministry told about the consequences of bad weather.

due to adverse weather phenomena was partially flooded sections of the embankments — the battle of Sinop, the Palace, the resurrection, and part of the Moscow Avenue. Teams of “Vodokanal” had to pump water from flooded roads and basements of homes.

in addition, the high winds knocked down 25 trees, 7 of them fell on cars. While in the Central district in the crushed car was a woman. According to the MOE, serious injuries she received.

Two incidents ended in tragedy. So, on a construction site in the Central district of a gust of wind brought down a construction crane with a height of 54 meters. The man who was at this moment in the cab, in critical condition, was transferred to physicians, but to save the victim failed.

In Petrodvortsovy district from a lightning strike killed 7-year-old boy. Woman and child, who were nearby, were injured and were hospitalized. The causes of the tragedy deal with the investigating authorities.

in Addition, in the Central district without electricity remained 54 residential homes. Also, because of the weather was delayed 6 trains suburban lines.

In the MOE added that by midnight, work sawing trees, consolidation, and dismantling of loose structures, water pumping was completed. Also managed to restore electricity and the movement of trains.

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