MOE warned about the storm in St. Petersburg in day of voting

the St. Petersburg Department of the emergencies Ministry warned of worsening weather in the city. The Ministry reported that on 1 July in St. Petersburg, expected showers, thunderstorms. The wind gusts will reach 17 meters per second.

Experts have reminded that in a strong wind should be avoided billboards, trees, and a shaky structure with neustoichivogo roof.

During the storm, the Agency recommends that you close all Windows and doors, unplug electrical appliances not to come close to electrical wiring, lightning rod, drains from roofs, the antenna.

In the countryside should not use the stove as discharge from a pipe smoke has high electrical conductivity and may be attracted to the electrical discharge. It is also not safe to talk on the phone — lightning sometimes gets in between the posts strained wire.

the day Before in Petersburg too, the storm raged. The storm brought to the city “flash mob” of falling trees and traffic signs.

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