France does have too many geniuses? When Stéphane Bern requests that the ashes of Rouget de Lisle, preserved at the Invalides, join the hall of fame, music lovers say that Hector Berlioz, which celebrates the 150 years of the death, there has more its place. And Molière, then?, crying out Francis Huster. The comedian launched in may with a petition to “bring justice” to the genius of the Seventeenth century, that he would like to see enter the temple of the great men in 2022, for the 400 anniversary of his birth. For the time being, only 5,000 signatures have been collected.

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Francis Huster addressed his request to the president of the Republic, “in the name of all, by the millions over the past four centuries and in all countries, who have loved and served Molière”. He returned to Emmanuel Macron to make the decision. Admirer of the playwright, there should not be insensitive. We remember a sequence where he played Alceste in the beginning of the Misanthrope , at the microphone of Cyrille Eldin in 2015.

“Four centuries of incomparable moments of laughter, liberating, courage, humanistic, pure human tenderness”: this is how Francis Huster summarizes the legacy of the father of Precious Ridiculous and Dom Juan ou le Festin de Pierre. Thurifer dedicated, he wrote a plea in favor of the transfer: Molière, my God , to be released on 4 September.

“Everything is wrong” in the biographies of Molière

the Author also of a show called Molière that he plays for 2018, Francis Huster will continue to walk the roads of France to defend the memory of his idol. Especially as, according to him, “everything is wrong” in what is said of the life of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin – the real name of Molière.

“I made an oath not to join Louis Jouvet and Jean-Louis Barrault without leaving a testimony of our wish to finally see the Republic do justice to the greatest of all the French”, also reveals Francis Huster in his letter, referring to the two great men of the theatre, which he considers as his masters.

If Emmanuel Macron accesses its application, Molière will join other major figures of the literature already buried in the Pantheon, such as Victor Hugo, Émile Zola and Alexandre Dumas. Without a doubt, should not be too impatient. As the professed Dorine in Tartuffe , “the way is long from the project to the thing”.

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