Mom recorded a video in which he told of the missing 4 years ago his son about the death of his grandmother

grandmother Died Petersburger Nikita Vetlugina, who left home four years ago. The loss reported in social networks the young man’s mother Irina Vetlugina.

an Elderly woman died April 15 from cancer of the pancreas and esophagus with metastases. An inoperable tumor was discovered in January. The grandmother was transferred to hospice, but because of the pandemic, the facility was closed for quarantine. In the end, the family was last seen with a relative a month before her death.

Irina Vetlugina said in the video that to bury a child is much harder than to bury the mother, and expressed the hope that it will be able to see my son.

“When mom died, of course, thinking about life and death, about the meaning of life. And I think about how I hope that I will see my baby in this life, will see you. So I beg you to reconsider life values. I think you have had enough time to implement their plans. I hope very much hope that you have reached that for which I left the house” she said to her son.

the Woman asked Nikita to return to family or at least be given the opportunity to visit him at the new place of residence.

“I’m asking you to tell about yourself, so I know that you’re alive, I knew it already for sure. I love you. Please come back,” concluded the mother.

we will Remind, 18-summer Nikita Vetlugin left the house in 2016 amid disagreements with the family. He left a farewell note. Since then, relatives have not received any news about the young man. Read more about this story read in the material “Rosbalt”.

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