Monastery of St. Petersburg are decorated with mosaics made by citizens with disabilities

Fedorovskiy and Seminar of the case of the Alexander Nevsky monastery will be decorated with mosaic icons, which were prepared by St. Petersburg residents with disabilities. On 6 July, reported the press service of the city Committee for labor and employment.

Presented so far, only sketches. First street icon “Alexander Nevsky and Feodor” plans to place at the beginning of 2021, the 800 anniversary of the birth of the Prince.

“the Uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that it is possible to combine three creative beginning: first is the competence, experience, human relations, secondly, material resources and mental attitude of the companies, and thirdly, the financial resources provided to support the employment of people with disabilities from the city budget”, — said the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee Nikolai Rogachev.

it is Reported that St. Petersburg residents with disabilities were able to participate in the project thanks to subsidies for the establishment of quotas on workplaces. In the mosaic workshop has already prepared and other work, for example the icon of St. Nicholas and the logo of the school “Dynamics” in which children with musculoskeletal disorders.

“Rosbalt” presents the project “All inclusive!”, designed to show that disability is a problem that concerns each of us. And moral state of society is determined by how it relates to people with developmental disabilities.

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