Montenegro declared epidemic of coronavirus

In Montenegro due to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus declared an epidemic throughout the country. This decision was made by the national coordinating Council on infectious diseases under the government of Montenegro, according to the Cabinet of the country in a network of microblogs Twitter.

the Restrictive measures with effect from July 22, include the compulsory wearing of masks in the spaces and on the street. It is forbidden to assemble in groups of more than 20 people indoors and 40 people on the street. Extended the ban on entertainment venues and events, including crowded family celebrations.

the Government argues that to the re-growth of morbidity in the country led to the “import” of infection from neighbouring countries. In may the authorities declared victory over the epidemic, but in June revealed new cases of the disease. Currently, the country was 1920 active cases. Since the resumption of the epidemic in June, 26 people died.

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