Montenegro officially declared the end of the epidemic of the coronavirus

Already on June 2, Montenegro is a country that is totally free from coronavirus infection, the epidemic finally ended.

According to the rules of the world health organization, it is possible to claim once within 28 days the country was not revealed a single case of infection.

In the government of Montenegro said that the victory in the virus was the result of months of joint efforts of the authorities and citizens.

it is Noted that the country has undone most of quarantine measures, however, the strength remains the restrictions against the “import of viruses.”

Recall that in Montenegro even before the identification of the first cases of infection were announced strict measures to control the epidemic — was imposed a curfew, closed schools and kindergartens, catering establishments and hotels.

Received the status of free from the coronavirus in the country, Montenegro has opened its borders for tourists. In the country again hotels, cafes, restaurants and beaches in the near future will resume the activity of cinemas and theatres.

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