Montenegro the beginning of the tourist season after the release of coronavirus

Received the status of free from the coronavirus in the country, Montenegro has from early June to open its borders for tourists.

As reported at the first stage will be to let only the citizens of the countries favourable epidemiological situation, but references from them will not require.

among the first Montenegro will be able to visit the guests from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Albania and Slovenia.

Montenegro rejected the idea of a test for coronavirus all visitors, as it wants to do, for example, in Turkey.

the country has earned the hotels, cafes, restaurants and beaches, will soon resume its activities cinemas and theatres.

Earlier it was reported that Montenegro was one of the first countries in Europe officially received the status of “country coronafree”, there are more not identify new cases of coronavirus. To get rid of the epidemic failed after 68 days after the first case of HIV infection, due to tough restrictions, including a curfew.

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