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More fat than the Original: consumer advocates decry Light-Salami from Lidl

calories, Less fat, less: Who intervenes when shopping for a Light Version of a product, this is probably from the conscious decision for a healthier diet. That one should not trust the promises of the industry, however, always blind, suggests a report from the consumer advice centre Hamburg, which has taken a at Lidl displaced sausage under the microscope, and Surprising found.

Accordingly, the own-brand “Dulano Turkey-Salami Light” of the discounter not only contains more fat and therefore calories than the traditional variant. Also, the product is reported to be significantly more expensive than the classic Version. For consumer advocates, the Light-sausage, therefore, is the sham of the month.

More fat and calories in the Light Version of the Turkey-Salami sham of the month Snack manufacturer tricks with shrink-Chips – 70 per cent more expensive

the information portal noted that the ingredients of the two Salamis that are similar in their packaging, also, are identical. “Paradoxically,” use of the manufacturer, the H. Kempter GmbH & co. KG, in the Light Version, but more fat, which increase the calorie content. So 14 percent Shea Butter are fat the product, from the nuts of the Karitébaumes obtained plants, attached to it. The classic Turkey sausage contains, however, fat only eleven percent of the plants. Together with the fat from the meat, you’ll be in the Light variant, therefore, to a total of 20 percent fat, while the normal sausage only 18 percent. The saturated fatty acids relating to the content, therefore, even 25% higher.

the consumer advocates criticize the price of a Light product that is sold in Lidl for € 1.19 per 100 grams. For comparison: The normal Version of the 200-gram pack for 1.79 Euro. Since the diameter is significantly smaller Light-sausage is sold in a larger packaging, will suggests to the customer that the supposedly healthier variant was also cheaper. Instead, but this was in comparison to 33 percent more expensive.

Lidl wants to Scam sham of fresh fish, consumers-react: Instead of fresh fish thawed frozen product is sold over-priced

the criticised sausage may be marketed with a Light-Label, to justify the manufacturer that it contained more than 30 percent less fat than a traditional Salami made of pork meat, the cut of 34 percent fat. This does not deny the consumer advice centre Hamburg, complained but as customer “should there even hinted ()”.

Lidl assured according to the report, in a statement, after all, that will apply to its classic roast Turkey-Salami in the future, also as a Light sausage.

source: Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg


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