With 269,100 hires in 2021, recruitment of executives is increasing sharply after a difficult 2020 due to the health crisis (228,700 hires). And it is the young graduates who benefit from this rebound, indicates in a report the Association for the employment of executives, with 48,000 young people with less than one year of experience having found a job, mainly in IT, engineering and legal activities. In a context of recruitment difficulties, 40% of companies have decided to recruit executives with less experience than expected.

In all, 82% of Bac 5 and over who entered the labor market in 2020 found a job, i.e. 13 points more than the previous promotion. To access their first job, work-study also appears to be a major advantage, since 9 out of 10 people in employment less than a year after obtaining their diploma have completed part of their studies in this way.

If the job offers open to young graduates are on the rise again, and that 64% of Bac 5 and more are on permanent contracts, the median salary drops for the second consecutive year, to 30,000 euros for the promotion leaving in 2020. ‘Apec also evokes the dissatisfaction of one in three young people with their professional situation, considering that their work is “food” and that it does not correspond to their aspirations. Many graduates, for example, give up careers in the field of letters, languages ​​and the arts, the recruitment rate in this sector remaining 20 points lower than in 2019.

Another point of alert, the differences in wages between women and men, which appear from the start of their career, with an annual gain of 27,600 euros for the former against 33,000 euros for the latter. With experience, this gap does not narrow, notes the report, with female executives earning on average 15% less than their male counterparts, and more rarely being raised.