More than 16 million people worldwide became infected with the coronavirus

the Number of cases of infection with coronavirus in the entire world exceeded 16 million.

According to the latest Johns Hopkins University, COVID-19 revealed the 16 million 46 thousand 986 people. Most cases in the United States — 4.17 million, in the second place Brazil (2.39 million), the third — India (1.38 million). Russia in this list in fourth place (806,7 million).

the active form of the infection now carry 5 million 638 thousand 84, in serious condition 66 thousand 203 of the patient.

the Total number of deaths from COVID-19 amounted to 644 thousand 528 (according to the portal Worldometers — 647 597 thousand). The lead on this sad indicator of the USA (146.4 thousand), followed by Brazil (86,4 thousand) and United Kingdom (45.8 thousand)

it bears reminding that the world health organization has recorded a record number of infections. Test positive for COVID-19 per day worldwide received more than 284 thousand.

Earlier, the head of the who Tedros of Ghebreyesus warned that changes because of the pandemic are enormous and mankind will not return to the “old normal”.

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