More than 160 Chelyabinsk companies warned of mass redundancies

In the Chelyabinsk region 163 of the companies will be forced to reduce staff. About this guide the plants reported in the main Department for labour and employment of population of the region.

According to the “Ural-press-inform”, on the eight enterprises of the planned mass layoffs of state.

So, the release of workers said the Office of the Federal bailiff service of the Chelyabinsk region — there will be reduced 1105 employees. South Ural state agrarian University plans to cut 254 employees, train depot Troitsk — branch of JSC “Refservis” fired 61 employee in June 2020, and Chelyabenergosbyt — 58 employees. Lose their jobs, 59 employees of the regional radio and television centre.

a total of work in the Chelyabinsk region in the coming days will lose 2 313 employees.

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