More than 160 thousand Muscovites already visited the clinic to new addresses

Another 25 municipal clinics was closed for repairs in Moscow in late June.

Their patients for almost a month receive medical care at new locations. According to the Vice-mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova, doctors in the other building visited more than 160 thousand citizens.

the Official assured that “in spite of the moving, medical care is provided promptly and in full, and order entry for doctors remained the same”.

For the convenience of patients at the time of major repairs of polyclinics in Moscow and launched 10 new bus routes.

Note that the programme for capital repair included 135 buildings urban health facilities. To date, the work is more than a quarter of the buildings.

it is Planned that the program on major repairs of polyclinics and improvement of their territories runs until the end of 2023.

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