More than 180 thousand patients were attended in CT-centers of Moscow during the time of a pandemic

In Moscow, thanks to the work of the CT centers for the diagnosis of coronavirus could provide quick and affordable evaluation of patients with suspected COVID-19. This was reported by Deputy Moscow mayor Anastasia Rakova.

According to her, from April to June, spent more than 180 thousand studies of the chest, which is almost two times more than the number of lung CT scan conducted in clinics for the whole of last year.

Rakova noted that these measures have helped at an early stage to identify the disease in time to treat and avoid severe cases. “During the examination of patients in the CT centers have 967 residents the study showed a suspicion of lung cancer, at 795 — suspected tuberculosis,” said Rakova.

CT centers in Moscow are also doing blood tests, PCR, and pulse oximetry, ECG, as well as give free medicines necessary for treatment.

Recall that outpatient CT centers for the diagnosis of patients with SARS, community-acquired pneumonia and suspected COVID-19 were deployed in Moscow on the basis of the clinics in mid-April. In connection with the improvement of the epidemiological situation 12 have already returned to planned patients.

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