Moscow and Damascus urged the US to stop destabilizing Syria

Russia and Syria urge the United States to immediately transfer to the government in Damascus control of all illegally occupied in the Republic territories, and stop to have a destabilizing impact on the situation in the country. This is stated in the joint statement of the interagency coordinating staff of the two countries for the return of refugees, reports “Interfax”.

in addition, the document notes that “continued occupation of the US and its allies in Syria only increases the suffering of civilians and delaying the return to civilian life in the country.” It was also noted that the United States and its allies “continue any way to hamper stability in the country.”

In a joint statement said that Western countries say they want to help the Syrian people, but “does not want to stay entered in violation of international law anti-Syrian sanctions, “crippling” the country’s economy and hindering its post-conflict reconstruction”.

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