Moscow and Minsk have agreed on the terms of oil supplies

Following the talks Prime Ministers of Russia and Belarus Mikhail mishustina and Roman Golovchenko was signed the agreement on the terms of Russian oil deliveries to Belarus and the two protocols to the agreement on the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. It is reported BelTA. According to Golovchenko, all these agreements meet the interests of Belarus, “they are very beneficial for our country.” However, he did not specify the details of the agreement on energy, adding that “this issue relates more to the commercial”. “This is a technical agreement, which regulates the payment of energy supplies”, — said the Prime Minister. Note that in June, the draft Protocol on amendments to the agreement on granting Belarus a loan for the construction of nuclear power plants was approved by the Russian government. It is planned the extension of the period of use of the loan for two years until the end of 2022-th. Also installed a fixed interest rate on the loan in the amount of 3.3% per annum, shall be transferred date of start of principal repayment on the loan from 1 April 2021 1 April 2023-St. We also add that the governments of Belarus and Russia at the end of March agreed on the formation of prices delivered to Belarus of Russian oil. The agreement was reached after a three-month moratorium on oil supplies from Russia to Belarus, as the Belarusian side refused to pay the Russian tax code premium to the market price for the raw material. In Belarus the decision is explained by the sharp drop in world oil prices. Against this background, Belarus began alternative Russian oil imports, buying through the ports of Lithuania and Ukraine several tankers from independent traders, as well as in Norway, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

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