Moscow cadets took part in the Victory parade on red square

More than 250 cadets from the First Moscow cadet corps were held Wednesday afternoon at the cobblestones of red square on the Victory parade. This was reported by Deputy Moscow mayor Anastasia Rakova.

According to her, the children presented the all-Russian movement “Uname”. The official said that formal calculations were formed from the best students of the First Moscow cadet corps. The cadets marched in the form of yunarmeytsev beige suits and red berets.

Rakova also said that the system of education much attention is paid to Patriotic education. She recalled that the cadets for the fourth time received the honorary right to pass through red square in the part of the main calculation.

rehearsals cadets started back in March, because of the isolation workout stopped, and resumed when it became known about carrying out of Parade of Victory on June 24. After two runs on Poklonnaya hill, the cadets joined the parade rehearsal on the Alabino polygon.

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