Moscow center

In the period of isolation the center of “My career” began to work in remote mode. Three months had received nearly 17 thousand services online. Career consultants have helped to find jobs, focused on the labour market, was accompanied by the applicants from time of treatment until the release of a new job.

Muscovites have received online advice on career guidance, career development and socio-psychological adaptation, addressed to the experts of the center for self-employment and starting their own business. Worked chats on employment, held live broadcasts with career consultants. During the period of isolation in training and webinars of center “My career” took part more than 10 thousand people.

Now all services on employment are returned to the usual mode of operation. All services are available in the center street of St. Sergius of Radonezh, house 1, building 1. To get expert advice on employment to find jobs or to discuss the build script of your career, you need to enroll.