Moscow doctors have saved a woman with a rare complication of sore throat

Doctors Botkin hospital saved 39-year-old woman who suffered a sore throat on my feet and encountered a rare complication of the disease. About it reported in a press-service of the Moscow Department of health.

once the patient appeared pain in the legs and shoulder, as well as dark spots on the limbs, she went to the emergency Department of the Botkin hospital. The doctors found that the patient denied all the organs and systems due to acute sepsis, as the effects of strep throat.

Nearly three weeks the doctors fought for the life of a woman in intensive care. In desgraves said that the threat has arisen due to the infectious inflammatory process and increase multiple organ failure.

After resuscitation the patient was transferred to the Department of purulent traumatology, where surgeons removed the necrosis, treated wounds with dressings, and then had a plastic surgery.

In the end, the doctors managed to save limbs woman. Currently the patient feels well, added the press service.