Moscow election Committee explained the procedure of cancellation of ballot papers used in violation

All the ballots in a stationary box on a plot in Moscow, where it was allowed double voting on amendments to the Constitution will be void by decision of the precinct election Commission. As reported TASS, said the Deputy Chairman of Mothersurname Dmitry Reut.

Earlier it was reported about the double vote using a paper ballot and online. The CEC responded, saying that the results will be cancelled and the guilty punished. Later in social networks there was speculation about whether used in violation of the ballot be annulled during the vote.

“Sealed the ballot box and all ballots that are there, are considered to be invalid based on the decision of the precinct election Commission. The man who did this, he did that several ballots of those who voted before him, they too will be invalidated in the end. Because of the precinct election Commission can not choose which Bulletin he dropped, we have a secret ballot,” said Reut.

applying for electronic voting, tried to vote at plot No. 1958 in Orekhovo-Borisovo Yuzhnoye and No. 141 in the Tverskoy district. The Chairman of Moscow election Committee Yury Yermolov said that the voices of the remote participants vote on an amendment to the Constitution, tried to vote at regular polling will be taken into account only once.

Also, Reut said that, “according to the order of voting, approved by CEC, bulletins ahead of schedule voted citizens can be moved to a special safe packages and voided in case the revealed violations”.

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