Moscow from 163 thousands of infected peaked at COVID-19

In the Russian capital in 24 hours was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection 2516 patients. For all the time of a pandemic, the city contracted 163 thousand 913 people, said operational headquarters.

According to him, the vast majority of those infected, 85% are less than 65 years. More than 10% of the patients are children.

According to the Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakova, a day of coronavirus hospitals discharged 2427 people. “The total number of people who recover from infection increased to 49 thousand 840”, — said the Deputy Sergei Sobyanin.

Meanwhile, the expert of the Center for economic research, Aghasi Tavadyan told reporters that Moscow and the Moscow region are the only regions that have passed through the peak incidence.

According to Tavadyan, the rest of the regions reached a peak within 14 days.

it was reported that for last days in Moscow, died in 59 patients with coronavirus, in the Moscow region five.

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