Moscow promised to Prague

the Russian foreign Ministry has promised an “adequate response” Prague to expel two Russian diplomats from Czech Republic. In comments on the Agency’s website stresses that the Czech Republic “received a dishonorable and undignified” unfriendly step with the expulsion of the Russians.

“Without any reason, the Czech authorities caused serious damage to Russian-Czech relations,” the commentary said. All this will be taken into account when forming the Russian lines against the Czech Republic. “For such provocations will have to respond,” warned the foreign Ministry.

we will Remind, earlier it was reported that declared persona non grata two employees of the Russian centre of science and culture in Prague. Czech authorities said one of the diplomats “spread false information about the planned attack on the Czech politicians,” and to settle the conflict by diplomatic means failed. The Russian Embassy in Prague said that the decision of the government of the Czech Republic based on unsubstantiated allegations.

the Czech radio has linked the expulsion of diplomats from the so-called “rezinovy business.” At the beginning of April in Prague was dismantled the monument to Marshal Konev. Then in the Czech media there were publications like Prague came a man with a Russian diplomatic passport and ricin in Luggage for the alleged poisoning of Prague officials. All of these Russian “version of” denies.

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