Moscow ring road building area of nearly 800 people

it existed until recently, the issues on the transfer of gas and electricity in the area of construction of the Central ring in the NEW areas have been solved, said the head of Department of development of new territories Vladimir Zhidkin. According to him, currently in construction employs about 800 people and 140 of construction machinery.

the Central ring road will relieve the existing highway and will give impetus to the development of the adjacent territories, said the official. He added that now in the New areas, in the zone of influence of highway approved three major projects. We are talking about the construction of housing, industrial and commercial buildings.

Points of growth will be separate areas in the settlements of krasnopakhorskoye, Schapovskoe, day, mikhaylovo-Yartsevskoye, and a site near the village of senkino-Sekerino.

Recall that the Central ring road will pass through the territory of the Moscow region and the “new Moscow” at a distance of 50 km from Moscow ring road, parallel to the Small or Big rings. Length of the highway will be 336,456 km.

the Construction of the Central ring is one of the priority public infrastructure projects. This track will be a key element of the transport system in the Moscow region.

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