Moscow storm: the streets were flooded, and visitors to the Park was struck by lightning

“Orange” level of weather danger is declared in the city due to heavy rainfall with gusty winds and rain, meteorologists report.

it is Noted that prior to 22:00 Saturdays high probability of natural disasters and damage.

Already reported on the first “victims” of the disaster — in the newly opened quarantine Kolomenskoye Park lightning struck the two visitors. In the hospital he was urgently delivered 45-the summer man and 44-year-old woman. According to eyewitnesses, the pair were hiding from the rain under an umbrella near the trees. Lightning struck the tree, then the man and the woman fell.

Movement on the Warsaw highway in Moscow is difficult for several kilometers because of the rain flooding the road near the intersection with Road street. Drivers are recommended to choose the detour.

also Reported flooding on the Prospekt Vernadskogo and Pokryshkina street. In addition, several cars flooded in the Nikulinskaya street, traffic is also blocked, said on Twitter the Center of traffic organization.

Nikulinskaya street, 27к1.
Some cars flooded. Movement on the street Nikulinskaya blocked.

— TMS (@gucodd) June 20, 2020

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