Most Russians would refuse electronic employment record books in favor of paper

the Majority of Russians would choose a paper work book and not electronic. According to the poll, only 30% are ready to move to a digital version of the document.

to Part with the paper version you do not want 56% of respondents, 6% — have already switched to the electronic document.

Among the supporters of the digital version e-books most young people aged 18-24 years residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg (36%), and among those who would like to leave everything as before, more older people over the age of 60 (68%) and residents of villages (68%).

concerns of opponents of electronic employment record books associated with the possibilities of data loss due to technical failures, as well as threats of data leakage to scammers. In addition, respondents recalled the difficulty of use, danger unauthorized changes to the data and impossibility of use in the absence of electricity and Internet.

we will Remind, the law on the transition to electronic format of the work books came into force on 1 January 2020. Until December 31, 2020, the transition will be voluntary: translate a document in electronic form in the DCP, on the portal, in the last place of work or Pension Fund. For the first time employed from 1 January 2021 paper employment record start will not be.

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