Yet another american film in competition at the venice film Festival, History of marriage of Noah Baumbach brings to the Lido a couple very applauded: Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver.

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At the beginning of the film, we discover alternatively in the big plan, and each praised the other. For Charlie, a theatre director in new york, Nicole is almost the perfect wife, taking care of everything with efficiency kind. For Nicole, his wife and actress in his troupe, Charlie, if it gets lost sometimes in his own world is an excellent creator, and a father to be very soft for their little boy of 8 years, Henry. An ideal couple, so? Not really.

When the plan enlarges, we can see that they are in front of a psychologist, in the instance of divorce. “I have discovered that it is when things do more than we can explore in a marriage,” says Noah Baumbach at the press conference. They are almost separated, but the love is still there, and I wrote the film …

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