Mother, leave the child at night in the

Hope Kulikov, who left six-year-old son in the Park “elk island” for the night, sent to a mental hospital. The decision was made Babushkinskiy district court of Moscow, informs Agency “Moscow”.

the Woman was released from criminal responsibility and sent for compulsory treatment in a medical institution. Judge Alexander Glukhov has changed her accusation to article 125 of the criminal code (“Leaving in danger”). The defendant had previously identified as paranoid schizophrenic.

the Incident occurred in February of 2019. The woman told officers that rode in the car with a child past the reserve “elk island” and at the latter’s request stopped there. In the woods, according to her, the child allegedly ran away.

According to the boy, his mother took him into the woods, tied to a tree, put a bag over his head. In the end, the boy had all night with a bag over your head to hold in the forest. Only in the morning he went out to the road where he was picked up by one of the passing motorists.

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