Mother private, killed by tank rounds, sued the Ministry of defense of 4 million rubles

the Luga city court of Leningrad region has sided with the mother, whose son, airman Andrew Witt was killed from tank rounds in the exercise. About it the correspondent “of Rosbalt” the lawyer said Dmitry Gerasimov, representing the interests of the family.

the Meeting was held on 4 June. The judge ruled that the Ministry of defence to pay compensation at 4 million rubles.

Earlier, three soldiers injured during the exercise also sought to Minister to 6 million rubles. The guilty officers were sentenced to three years imprisonment.

Recall that in September 2017 at a military training ground in the Leningrad region during a routine tank firing Lieutenant Colonel Denis Gorelyshev and Victor Krivoshein put four soldiers in the sector of fire damage. The result of the shot airman Andrew Witt died at the scene. Three soldiers suffered serious bodily injury. They were diagnosed with penetrating wounds, fractures, dislocation of limbs, massive blood loss and traumatic shock severe.

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