Motorists in the Moscow region, arriving in Moscow will be fined for the lack of a digital pass

Residents of the Moscow region are asked to arrange the capital’s digital pass for travel to Moscow. The press service of MADI stressed that from may 27 to move around the city will be possible only in the presence of Moscow digital pass.

It takes no more than five minutes. Detailed instructions are on the website To pass, you must bind the state registration number of the vehicle. If the number is entered incorrectly, it can be adjusted.

Also before you travel it is important to ensure that the pass is valid. The city authorities have created a chatbot in the Telegram — “Test Autopause”. Also the relevance of the pass you can find in a mobile application “transport of Moscow”, the portal the app “Assistant of Moscow”.

Drivers without a digital pass with an associated number, the car faces a fine up to five thousand rubles.

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