Before becoming a stronghold of american music, the city of Detroit was a temple of automotive engineering, the flagship of the american success. It was called the “Motortown”, a name which, shortened to Motown, meant the emergence of the first label of afro-american music. Born in 1959, the brand will produce dozens of tubes and will put into orbit some of the largest voice of America, Marvin Gaye to Michael Jackson from Stevie Wonder or Diana Ross.

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The demiurge of this company, which is celebrating its sixty years, was Berry Gordy. A visionary who realized that in conformally southern soul music in the arrangements of pop, it would be a great success with the white audience. While in Memphis, the label Stax, which focused on sounds more raw, the productions of Motown were distinguished by their refinement. The team of composers consisting of Lamont Dozier and the Holland brothers, …

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