We often talk of the social networks to tell of the dark business of cyber-harassment, and the trivialization of the violence to which they are subject, even to forget the beautiful stories are born. Such as that of Mourad. His story is told in a Twitter thread started by a user by the name of Marston213. “I just met a little kid of 15 years old, he plays from 13h to 20h, 2 times per week at the Timone from the Cast in the northern suburbs,” says the user in a “post” to be released on Wednesday. The message is accompanied by a video in which we see the young boy resume the Fantaisie-impromptu of Chopin in the lobby of the hospital of marseille.

The message was then retweeted by tens of thousands of people. Some, take the opportunity to deliver information on the unknown and the skilled fingers of the video. According to several users of the social network, it would be called Mourad and would play the piano since 4 years old. It would have 15 years ago today, to live in the city of Castellane and would be enrolled in the school of music Pennes Mirabeau in the city of marseille. From a “disadvantaged background”, “he has no way to flourish in his passion,” says Marston213, which offers in the wake of the launch of a pot in order to offer a piano to this young prodigy.

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His appeal is heard by Samia Ghali (PS), senator of the Bouches-du-Rhone and mayor of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth arrondissements of Marseille. “This kid is great and I can help him find a place where they can practice his art at his home. I have set up as the mayor of 1516 #Marseille piano lessons free at 800 meters from the Castellane. I would love for it to come and play here,” she tweeted Thursday afternoon.

Thanks to the help of the “manager ” virtual” Mourad, the senator announced Saturday evening that it has arranged a meeting with the young man the next morning.

“It is an honor for me to meet Murad. A diamond polishing. I am very happy for you,” said Ms. Ghali on Sunday in a post on Twitter. In addition, at the end of the meeting, the young man has been offered a digital piano by Eric Scotto, councillor of the city of Marseille and the store manager Scotto Music, reports David Shell, local journalist.

The story does not stop there. Because Mourad seems to have also caught the eye of the detector of talent, André Manoukian. “I’m In! Send his contact details to the brothel!”, responded the pianist and former jury of the New Star the tweet of Marston213.

A beautiful story that shows that we can “be renoi, wear hoodies and play the Fantaisie-Impromptu of Chopin at the piano,” laughs a visitor.