MP: Criminal case is the only legitimate outcome of the vote on the Constitution

Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky believes that the only legitimate outcome of the vote on amendments to the Constitution can only be a criminal case. He was confident that the official results were falsified, and this is the responsibility of both managers and performers.

“they have to sit for 4 years — those who forged, throwing, and hiding, as well as all those who led them and gave instructions,” wrote Wisniewski in social networks.

He noted that the period of limitation under article 142 of the criminal code (falsification of election documents) is 6 years.

Earlier, the MP said that, in his opinion, the government has lost the confidence of the people.

Recall that 1 July, Russia held a vote on changes to be made to the Constitution of the country. The key point was the nullification of presidential terms of Vladimir Putin. You can vote only for the entire package of amendments.

According to the CEC, nearly 78% of Russians supported the proposed changes.

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