MP MHD: during a pandemic coronavirus necessary support for the production sector

the Production sphere needs special attention of authorities during coronaries. The opinion was expressed by the Duma Deputy from Zelenograd Andrey Titov, reminding that the district is a center of industrial and information technology.

According to him, support was provided to companies located in special economic zone “Technopolis “Moscow” in Zelenograd. We are talking about the halving of rents.

the MP in an interview with “AIF” expressed the view that currently need to pay more attention to the actual production, which cannot operate remotely. “It is impossible to bring the employee on udalenku with a grab 20 machines, which occupy an area of 500 meters,” he explained.

Recall that in Moscow approved three packages of measures to support the business. According to the decision of Sergey Sobyanin, the organization of the spheres of public catering, tourism, culture, sport, leisure and hospitality industry has received a deferral of taxes and trading fees.

Also in the capital have introduced subsidies for small and medium enterprises, exporters and franchisees, as well as preferential loans to young companies.

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