MP MHD: Law about online meetings promotes the greater involvement of people in discussion

Law about online meetings residents will help to bring to the discussions as many people as possible. Opinion about the Agency “Moscow” was expressed by the head of the Moscow city Duma Committee on state building and local government Alexander Kozlov, Recalling that the amendments have been preparing for the last two years.

According to him, the Housing code now provides for a General Assembly for the adoption of matters on the agenda in electronic format.

“I Believe that this tool is not only convenient in terms of mode isolation, but as a whole it becomes convenient service. “E-house” allows anywhere, from any gadget speak out on issues, and this vote will be counted,” said Kozlov.

He also said that for elderly Muscovites, which is difficult to master gadgets, saved a combined method of participation in the discussions. “When the administrator of the General meeting digitizes the classical Bulletin, and the voice of a man considered”, — said the Deputy.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the law on amendments to the Housing code, which allows the General meeting of the residents online.

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