MP: the life of Russians sacrificed to the fiery passion of Putin

the Deputy of Legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky called the forthcoming Victory Parade and vote on amendments to the Constitution “public relations during a plague”. About this he wrote in his account on the social network. According to the MP, the removal of restrictions prematurely, and holding large-scale events could trigger a second wave of the epidemic.

Vishnevsky recalled that when Moscow introduced restrictions on 1 April, a day was 267 infections and 5 deaths. On June 8, when the lifting of the ban, the number of new cases per day reached 2 thousand deaths — 59.

“this can be Explained by only one: the order, in spite of everything, to declare complete victory over the virus already for the parade on June 24. And especially to vote on 1 July of Putin’s rule until 2036. To pretend that the conduct of both activities are absolutely safe for the participants. What will happen now — obviously: PR during the plague. Will shamelessly lie about the number of infected, recovered and dead,”

According to the Deputy, to trust official statistics, until July 1, “now only the most desperate optimists”.

“Spreading this lie of each iron, send citizens to the parade and vote. This may result in a much earlier “second wave” of the pandemic than predicted by experts. Moreover, she can begin to “cover” already in the week between the parade and vote”, — the parliamentarian fears.

Boris Vishnevsky believes that the health and lives of Russians sacrificed the dream of a life presidency.

“But it doesn’t matter to the President, the obsessive one, but a fiery passion — continuing his reign”, — concluded the Deputy.

Recall, the vote on the amendments to the Constitution was scheduled for 22 April, but then postponed due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the country. In early June, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the vote will take place July 1.

criticism is the norm, abdoulaya presidential terms. Vladimir Putin will be able to participate in the elections for the presidency again if the amendment is approved on the ballot.

In a network there was a petition to postpone the vote until 2021 in connection with the current situation for the coronavirus.

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