MP: the Parliament of St. Petersburg buried the right of citizens to normal participation in matters of urban planning

In the Parliament of St. Petersburg a discussion was held regarding the participation of citizens in the discussion of urban planning issues. The deputies in the first reading approved the bill, and criticism of MP Boris Vishnevsky decided not to take into account, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

One of the stories document the ability to attract St. Petersburg residents to discuss in an online format rather than a traditional face-to-face hearings. A new procedure was invented in case of imposition of a period of high alert. According to Vishnevsky, thus, the deputies come to your throat.

“there Remains the possibility for fraud, the inability of public discussions”, — said the Deputy.

According to him, Smolny will be able to declare a high alert mode “when I want” and to monitor this process it is impossible. Wisniewski suggested that the rule about discussions in an online format and to provide intramural activities, but with personal protective equipment and other safety measures.

the Amendments of the MP rejected. According to the MP, his colleagues are eager to bury the right of citizens to normal participation in matters of urban planning.

we Add that the draft law addresses issues of citizen participation in the discussion of rules of land tenure and building of St. Petersburg planning area of the city, issuing permits for land use and other planning decisions. While this takes place head to a public hearing where citizens Express their opinions.

In St. Petersburg from March 2020 on a regime of high alert. Smolny imposes restrictions on citizens and legal persons due to pandemic coronavirus.

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