MP: the Prosecution Safronova treason is an act of intimidation

the Journalist Ivan Safronov, accused of treason, was not admitted to state secrets and could not divulge. Such opinion to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by the Deputy of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky.

“the Man was not even admitted to the secret list of information constituting a state secret, and could not know that it is forbidden to disclose, and what is allowed. All that has been written Safronov, was based on open sources. I as a researcher had access to state secrets, and I know what it is. Accused of divulging secrets only people with access to it, which gave a subscription on the prohibition of the information to disclose. Safronov worked as a journalist, and the prosecution against him — senseless and absurd,” — said the Deputy.

According to Vishnevsky, statements about the relationship Safronov with the Czech secret services is just ridiculous.

“What are these military secrets cooperation with other countries he could reveal? And so we shout about them at every corner and happily tell how many missiles and to whom we have sold. Safronov thing is just an act of intimidation, as the case Prokopieva, Golunova, the attack on Frenkel. Everything is done in order to force journalists to be silent and afraid to say a word too much. Any totalitarian regime among its first tasks, sees the destruction of the political opposition and freedom of expression and opinion. Freedom of speech is what corrodes this regime and poses a direct threat to him,” — said the MP.

we will Remind, the adviser of the General Director of Roskosmos, a former journalist of “Kommersant” and “Vedomosti” of Ivan Safronov was detained on the morning of 7 July, on suspicion of treason. According to security officers, Safronov passed classified information to one of the special services of NATO.

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