MP: there is No

Official results of the plebiscite indicate that the majority of Russians supported the amendments to the Constitution. However, the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky believes that opponents of the “reset” is not lost. According to him, the past in Russia, the vote affirmed that there is no “Putin’s majority” is no more.

“It was blown away like a punctured balloon. If it were — would not be required to arrange a week’s operation with a fraudulent “voting” in every yard and on every bench, to replace the ballot in the “correct” or shamelessly throw their packs, the power to drive employees to vote, and the blue eyes to draw 70% “turnout” in empty lists of voters, — wrote in social networks Wisniewski. — One who has the support of the majority, may confirm it in a fair vote. He who does not have such a vote are afraid of fire. And can only cowardly order to draw the results that will never get honestly.”

According to the parliamentarian, Putin believes in your victory, because, “like any dictator, lives in a virtual world created by his attendants”.

“Past “abolengo” is a farce for an audience of one. When he has to get out of the auditorium and the personal touch a reality, it will be disappointed”, — said the Deputy.

Previously, Wisniewski noted that “holiday reset” turned with shame. He is convinced that the government has lost the trust and support of the people, however in the Kremlin, in his opinion, operate on the principle “let no one believe, just obey”.

Recall that 1 July, Russia held a vote on changes to be made to the Constitution of the country. The key point was the nullification of presidential terms of Vladimir Putin. To vote you canabout was only for the entire package of amendments. According to the CEC, nearly 78% of Russians supported the proposed changes.

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