MP to ban

Russia passed a law banning “nalivaek” cafes and bars that are in apartment buildings, if the area of the hall of service does not exceed 20 square metres. In St. Petersburg it is planned to toughen requirements and to prohibit the operation of establishments with an area less than 50 square meters.

the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky believes that the act threatens closure of many small and cozy establishments.

the MP wrote in social networks that residents often complain to him in the drunk companies under Windows and Smoking at the entrances. However, he believes that the new law does not solve the problem of noisy visitors drinking establishments. “He likely worsen. Because visitors are “big” restaurants and bars are causing the residents a lot more discomfort. Simply because of its greater abundance,” says Wisniewski.

the MP is convinced that the size of the institution does not play a key role and need to decide other ways.

“the Problem is that often noisy visitors do not have enough standards of behaviour and respect for others. And the police is extremely doesn’t like to call to order the noisy company (or even individual characters) disturb the residents. And just refuses to leave. On the principle of “when kill, then come”. Not the law here should be changed. It is necessary to change the behavior of the police, who are always there in large numbers, when it is necessary to detain individual protesters with protest posters, and a far cry when you have to call to order the drunken boor in the street, wrote Wisniewski. The problem is in the fact that the law currently does not prohibit Smoking at the exit of a restaurant or bar (if there is no Smoking room). As a result, the smoke from smokers, especially during the summer when open Windows or vents, — enters the apartment, located in the same building. And here, I think — especially in the city center, where narrow streets and limited space, — it is necessary to change the city law to ban Smoking in outdoor restaurants, cafes and bars of the territories, if the same facade of the building facing residential premises. At least in the evening and at night.”

the Deputy is sure that the law will only hurt small businesses. “Small business loses, the residents will not win. It will be the “game”, where almost all will lose”, — he said.

Wisniewski said that before the law came into force remained a few months, and it can be time to change. The Deputy is working on amendments and is prepared to consider proposals from residents.

Recall that the law banning “nalivaek” less than 20 square meters, the President signed in April. The document allows the regions to set more severe restrictions.

Earlier, the Deputy of the Petersburg Parliament have warned that the document may have the opposite effect. “The fair will close and others will continue to exist — will simply increase the amount of bribes and kickbacks,” said Aleksandr Rassudov.

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