MPs: Reduce cultural workers is unacceptable and immoral

members of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg sent to the Governor’s appeal to stop the cuts in cultural institutions. Parliamentarians noted that the income of workers in this field are very modest, and the pandemic has exacerbated the situation.

“the introduction of the government of St. Petersburg for months, “coronavirus” prohibitions and restrictions led to a sharp deterioration of cultural establishments and anyone who works in them. Their work is still not fully recovered. Financial situation of workers of St. Petersburg culture (and so receiving a very modest salary) has seriously deteriorated. Put in this situation, the task of downsizing, in our opinion, unacceptable and immoral,” stressed the authors of the letter.

According to deputies, the government should, on the contrary, support of the St. Petersburg libraries, theaters, museums.

“And if you want to save budgetary funds, to do this by reducing the number of officials and expenses of Executive authority to refuse expenditures on secondary or meaningless activities for “education of citizenship and patriotism among the youth”, “spiritual-moral education” or “ensuring public consent”,” the letter reads.

According to the parliamentarians, the planned reduction “so will destroy “social harmony”, that it will not be able to recover any events. The authors of the letter believe that libraries and museums to educate the citizenship and patriotism far better than officials.

Earlier, the government have announced cuts in the bureaucracy to save. Later in the city’s cultural institutions received the proposals from the relevant Committee to cut 10% of staff. The professional community was outraged by the actions of the administration and announced the loss of Petersburg’s status as the cultural capital of Russia.

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