Murashko: Russia 27%

Russia has deployed about 183 thousand beds for patients with novel coronavirus infection. This was stated by the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko is in the air “Percoco channel”.

He added that now freely 27% of such beds, not counting those that have already returned to normal mode operation. Then there are those beds that are now “are waiting for patients.”

in addition, according to Murashko, more than 17% of the deployed for patients with coronavirus intensive care beds were not involved.

Recall that on 3 June the head of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin ordered to restore the delivery of routine medical care in clinics. Mishustin said that he had already signed the order to close redeveloped for the treatment of coronavirus beds in Federal and private hospitals and the restoration of routine medical care, primarily — high-tech.

he noted, However, that while this will affect not all. “Where can the epidemiological situation”, — the Prime Minister said and added that first and foremost we are talking about the number of Federal clinics in Moscow. The decision will be taken by the Federal Ministry or Agency, which is the founder of the medical organization.

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