The new police comedy from Netflix, performed by Adam Sandler and Kyle Newacheck Murder Mystery is an incredible success, . The platform, which communicates rarely hearings, and even less the exact number of its subscribers (they would be the last score five million in France), has revealed in a tweet on June 18, the numbers of his last production. In a single weekend, the feature film has been watched by 30.9 million users.

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With this result Murder Mystery could make him fall of his pedestal Bird Box and its 45 million spectators gathered in a week. The production has explained that only the spectators who have viewed more than 70% of the film, were taken into account. Netflix has completed the information indicating that the 30.9 million of users who have seen the film, 13.4 million live in the United States and Canada and $ 17.5 million in the rest of the world.

A success supported by an international distribution

the success of The film relies mostly on his cast. To start with its two headliners, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. The first was the heyday of the Saturday Night Live before becoming a pillar of comedy to the american. And is it still necessary to present the one that remains forever known as Rachel in the cult movie series Friends? in Welsh, Luke Evans, a regular in the blockbuster movies such as The Hobbit or more recently beauty and The Beast, the English Gemma Arteston and our Dany Boon national complete the picture. The actor landed his first role in a comedy, hollywood, that of an inspector French who suspects accuse the couple Aniston-Sandler of having committed a murder.

Signed by James Vanderbilt, who has visibly worked on Zodiac of David Fincher or even on The Amazing Spider-man , the scenario is abracadabrant. And without rhythm. It does in any case not outright hilarity. Enough, apparently, that this comedy driven by a huge advertising campaign in the United States, finds its audience. Not certain, however, that the film so winning.

check out the trailer for Murder Mystery with Jennifer Aniston and Dany Boon – Watching on Figaro Live