In an interview with Muriel Robin led by Laurent Delahousse in the show 20: 30 on Sunday , the reporter recalled the recent news, a double homophobic assault in London on a couple of women on the 30th of last may and in Strasbourg, during “the walk of visibility”. Follows a question, direct, to the humorist: “You have had, you, to undergo this violence-there?” The response of the actress is just as much: “Ah yes, yes, yes. I was treated, I was very wrong, often, of big lizzie.”

She said then, “I went to the front, I was much more impulsive and aggressive than now, it was an insult to me. Because it was not accurate.” A behavior that she had to restrain him: “I have let go to the moment where the trick has failed badly, I saw a knife come out. After when they called me ’fat dyke’, I said: ’big, yes, but lizzie can not be. It should speak’.”

For the comedian, “sexual orientation is not an identity”. “Otherwise, it is necessary to go in detail: how we make love, what happens in this place that is private. Yes I’m gay but there are moments where I wasn’t, I was with the boys at this time. Is it that I was hetero at that time? I don’t think so I don’t want to put a name, just to be exact”, she explains.

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“Hum!” and then “Ah!”

there would be yet progress. Muriel Robin, which shares since 2006 the life of his consort, Anne Le Nen, finds that it is a lot less insulted than before. As a consequence, according to it, its reputation. “I’m with my fiancée, Anne, and I said unto him: ‘Oh, exceptionally do we hold the hand.’ And I see people who look at hands and make ‘hum’, and then they go back and they see my head and they make ‘Ah!’ So I want to say ‘um’ or ‘ah!’? What is it that we do? You hate me, it bothers you? And at the same time you love me a lot, I’m in your life, I make you laugh. So it’s called tolerance, just,” she concludes .