The cloth burns between Muriel Robin and Jean-Marie Bigard. Since the joke lourdingue on the rape of the comedian gravelly on the plateau of Key not at my post , nothing more. After the quip, in which a woman hypochondriac, complaining of a “tear” on the arm gets raped by his doctor, which he launches at the end “this is a tear”, the actress was disconnected from the author of the sketch, The bat , calling on the CSA to punish. “I didn’t expect it to make me stab him in the ass by a friend”, had reacted to Bigard to South Radio . This weekend, in the pages of Release , the actress has once again cropped the one who claims to be his “friend”.

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“Already, it is said in the back… he still need to differentiate themselves,” said Robin, very engaged in the fight to end violence against women. “Then the last time we had dinner with Jean-Marie, it was in’ 89, she continued. It is not in my life.” Words that echo the heated exchanges between the two clubs these last few months.

On the airwaves, Jean-Marie Bigard was acknowledged to be “the figurehead of machismo in France”. It would also ensure that the “real women” do “not take umbrage” his sense of humour, unlike “connasses who want to have balls.” And the comedian, to quote Muriel Robin, a friend of the “thirty years”. Invited on the set of C to you at the beginning of September, the latter assured him that he was free to think she is “big” or a “bitch”. She was already have never been the friend of Jean-Marie Bigard. In the end, it may be that, a tear.