Muscovite fell out of the window, trying to escape from the husband-the alcoholic

In Moscow the 49-year-old woman injured in a fall from the window of an apartment on the second floor after a conflict with her husband.

according to “Tape” with reference to the Mash, the victim had quarreled with her husband, who had alcohol dependence for many years and wanted to get away from him.

the Publication found out that the man promised his wife to quit drinking, but after marriage became aggressive and started beating his wife. In the end, the woman filed for divorce. Some time later the couple reconciled and moved in together. Meanwhile, during the next conflict the man start drinking again, beating the woman and abused her, forcing her to drink vinegar.

the Accident occurred on 3 July. Muscovite tried to escape from the wife through the window and climb down on the grid, but fell to the ground.

In the fall, the woman broke down. She will also have surgery on the spine.

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